1. The Engagement Shoot

Hello, soon-to-be weds! Let's set the ball rolling with an engagement shoot. Think of it as a fun warm-up session where we get to know each other, you become more comfortable in front of the camera, and we snag some amazing shots along the way. But there's more to it: this shoot is your chance to get some great professional photos without the wedding attire. Offering a cool contrast to your formal wedding photos, these laid-back pictures will capture your everyday love, the casual and genuine connection between you two. Trust me, they'll make a great addition to your collection of memorable moments.

2. Getting Ready

The "getting ready" phase is an excellent opportunity to capture candid and emotional moments before the ceremony. These photographs showcase the anticipation and genuine excitement of both the couple and their close ones as they prepare for the big day. It's a unique and personal way to start documenting your wedding journey.

3. First Look: To Do or Not To Do?

The decision to have a first look or not is a personal one. Some couples want the surprise of seeing each other at the ceremony, while others prefer a private moment away from the guests. If you choose to have a first look, we’ll want to find a private location for it.

4. Bridal Party Photography

These photos add a fun and vibrant element to your wedding album. They showcase the special relationships with your closest friends and family. I'll work together with you to come up with creative and fun poses that reflect your group's dynamic, ensuring these photos are as unique as your bonds.

5. The Ceremony

This is it, the highlight of your day. From your grand entrance to your heart-stirring vows, I'll be there to capture every precious moment. Each ceremony is beautifully unique, with its own traditions and special touches. Rest assured, I'll focus on encapsulating the essence and individuality of your personal commitment in my photography.

6. Formal Group Photos

Straight after the ceremony, is often the best time for the formal group shots. These are the pictures your loved ones will treasure. To make this part a breeze, I recommend making a list of desired group photos ahead of time. Delegating gathering of guests to someone who knows most folks will be a big time saver for this one, especially for larger weddings.

7. Reception

When it comes to the reception, my job is to capture the essence of your celebration. I'll be on the lookout for those spontaneous moments of laughter, tears, and surprises that make your wedding uniquely yours. And remember, if you spot a photo-op, or want to grab a quick group shot just give me a shout! I’m your personal paparazzi for the day.

8. Dinner

Come dinner time, I'll still be on the scene. It's common to provide vendors with a meal, but don't sweat it if that's tricky. Heads up, though, I'm allergic to sesame seeds and peanuts, so if it's easier, I'm more than happy to pack my own food.

9. Couples Photos

Golden hour, the time of day when the lighting is just right, is perfect for couples' shots. It can coincide with speeches or dinner, so some couples opt for a brief escape to take advantage of this stunning natural backdrop. We can chat about how this might fit into your day. Oftentimes, we’ll do most couples earlier in the day when it fits in the schedule of the day better but the light is often harsher.

10. Dances

The first dances are some of the most poignant moments of any wedding reception. Whether it's your first dance as a married couple, swaying to the rhythm of your favorite love song, or the cherished father-daughter dance, these are magical moments that deserve to be captured. Expect me to be there, discretely snapping away, preserving the raw emotions and loving expressions that these dances inevitably bring to the surface. These photographs often become some of the most treasured keepsakes from your big day.

11. Sparkler Exits

If you're planning a sparkler exit, count me in. These create some spectacular shots, marking a vibrant end to your special day.

Second Shooter: Yes or No?

If you're hosting a big crowd (think 100+ guests), a second shooter can capture moments and angles that might otherwise be missed. One person can only be in one location at once! It's something worth considering for a comprehensive snapshot of your day.

To Unplug or Not to Unplug?

An unplugged ceremony – where guests refrain from taking photos – allows me to get the best shots without any distractions in the photos. But hey, it's your wedding and having phone photos and videos right away can be great too.

Your Next Steps

To ensure we get the most from your wedding photography, here are a few things to think about:

Set Your Photo Priorities: Every couple is different. Maybe you're all about the pre-wedding prep, or perhaps the party shots are your thing. Whatever you want to focus on, just let me know. I’ll almost always be able to extend the wedding photography coverage if needed. Just let me know!

Plan Your Formal Group Shots: For larger weddings, it's super helpful to make a list of the group shots you want. A little organization goes a long way here in speeding up this part of the day!

Schedule Your Couple's Photo Session(s): When would you like to take your couple photos? Perhaps during the golden hour, or during a quieter moment? We can work this out together.

Take Advantage of a Free Consultation Call: Any questions? Need help planning? Give me a call or set up a Zoom meeting. I'm here to help make your big day picture-perfect.