Kris and Roisin's Wedding

Starting at St Nicholas Catholic church in Langley, where Roisin and Kris shared a quiet moment before their vows, their wedding day was full of energy and emotion. The ceremony, rich in tradition, led to an adventurous ride on a party bus to downtown Vancouver for our photo session.

Our first stop was the Vancouver Art Gallery, where the lighting was just right for a standout shot of the couple with their bridal party blurred in the foreground, a shot Roisin wanted to get. The result was even better than we had hoped.

We then headed to the Vancouver Public Library, another great backdrop that highlighted the city's architecture and added depth to our photo story.

The evening continued at Heritage Hall for the reception. The venue's white interior was ideal to bounce my flash on the walls for beautiful soft light. We also grabbed a striking dusk shot just before dinner that captured the couple in a beautiful backlit pose.

The day concluded with lively dancing and a vibrant sparkler exit. Throughout the day, from the church to the final sparkler farewell, the focus was on capturing the genuine moments that defined Kris and Roisin's celebration.