As a wedding photographer, I'm always thrilled to capture the love and joy of two people tying the knot. Shawn and Luke's wedding was no exception, and it was a beautiful celebration of their love and the outdoors.

The venue for their wedding was the stunning Furry Creek Golf Course, with breathtaking views of the Howe Sound. Shawn and Luke are both outdoorsy types, so it was the perfect location for them to exchange their vows.

As they met each other as cave guides in New Zealand, it was fitting that their ceremony took place overlooking a picturesque waterfall and forest. The sunny day added to the beauty of the surroundings, and I was honored to be able to capture it all through my lens.

After the ceremony, we took a ride around the golf course in golf carts, stopping at scenic spots along the way. I had scouted the location the week prior to the wedding to ensure we made the most of the stunning surroundings.

The photo session was full of fun and laughter as Shawn and Luke, along with their family and friends, celebrated their special day. And to top it off, the reception was also held at the country club, providing the perfect ending to a perfect day.